How much money can you save with Zilkee?

Data recovery services and devices exist because sometimes accidents happen, and you need that data back! Accidents may include accidentally deleting or overwriting data. Some situations may be out of your control, like a hardware component failure that has made your computer useless. There are many factors to consider when retrieving your data and how much that will cost.

How much does a data recovery cost?

There isn't one simple answer if you are looking for a data recovery service cost. Data loss can happen due to many different situations, and each situation takes different means to fix. Take into consideration that different businesses will have different hourly rates. Recovery may need specialized equipment that was not cheap to acquire. Your computer may need replacement parts, which could be expensive or hard to find. How fast do you need your data back? Chances are you want it back as soon as possible, and a rush job usually costs a premium. All these factors can help add to the cost of data recovery.

How was your data lost?

Understanding how your data was lost can give you better ranges for how much it will cost to do a data recovery service. The most common way data is lost is through accidental deletion. While this may also be the most frustrating circumstance to the user, since it was our fault, it is the easiest way to recover data. Just because a file was put in the recycle bin and deleted on the computer does not necessarily mean it was erased from the hard drive. This data recovery situation will usually be under the $300 mark. The following situation of how data can be lost is a logical malfunction. That is a more advanced scenario. It can include accidental formatting or a malware problem. Anything not accidental deletion or mechanical failure will fall into the logical failure category. This service is usually between $500 and $1000. The last scenario is mechanical failure. The worst possible situation is a hard drive malfunction. This is not easily fixed if it is possible. While it is the least common problem, it is the most expensive one that will usually run over $1000.

How can I save money if I need data recovery?

The good news is that you may not need a data recovery service to retrieve data. Some devices, like the Zilkee Ultra Recovery Converter, can easily restore lost data. The device works as long as your hard drive is in working condition. A one-time cost of $59.95USD can save you a lot of money. The biggest reason is that you are not hiring another person with hourly rates and overhead costs. The best part about Zilkee is that you do not have to wait behind a backlog of other customers waiting to get their data back. The device works quickly and is compatible with different operating systems. You can easily save hundreds of dollars and time with Zilkee.