Save money and buy the best! ZILKEE™ Ultra Recovery Converter

Copia de Zilkee™ Ultra Recovery Pagefly
Copia de Zilkee™ Ultra Recovery Pagefly
Copia de Zilkee™ Ultra Recovery Pagefly
Copia de Zilkee™ Ultra Recovery Pagefly
Copia de Zilkee™ Ultra Recovery Pagefly
Copia de Zilkee™ Ultra Recovery Pagefly
Copia de Zilkee™ Ultra Recovery Pagefly
Copia de Zilkee™ Ultra Recovery Pagefly

2500+ Reviews

Copia de Zilkee™ Ultra Recovery Pagefly

With the Zilkee™ Ultra Recovery Converter, you can finally retrieve the files stuck on your broken, outdated or unresponsive computer. Use Zilkee™ to copy, back up, and transfer data from your old hard drive to a new one and quickly get back what’s yours.

  • Retrieves all file types: documents, images, video, software, and more.
  • No password? No problem! Circumvent password protection by plugging directly into its hard drive.
  • Even accesses files lost due to computer crash
  • Zero setup or drivers to install: just plug and play
  • IDE and SATA connectivity
  • Extra fast, tracked and insured shipping
  • 30-day satisfaction guarantee

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Randy S.

Verified buyer

"I saw this product on social media and decided to give it a try. I have hard drives with loads of photos on them that won't even register on my computer. The hard drive conveter got my files back instantly! I'm lost for words."

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Setup is straightforward, simple, and ultra-fast:

Step 1

Connect your old IDE hard disk to the correct 2.5" or 3.5" IDE connector after connecting your 12V 2A power wire to the wall outlet.

Step 2

Plug your new hard drive to the SATA port and connect your USB 3.0 cable from your Zilkee™ unit to your receiving computer.

Step 3

Flip the ON/OFF switch to ON, and you’re ready to transfer files!

Step 01

Connect your old IDE hard disk to the correct 2.5" or 3.5" IDE connector after connecting your 12V 2A power wire to the wall outlet.

Step 02

Connect the SATA port with your new hard disk. Whether it is a hard drive or a solid-state drive is irrelevant. So long as it has a 2.5" or 3.5" connector port.

Step 03

The converter box will be recognized by your computer as any other USB when you connect a USB 3.0 to it and turn the ON/OFF button to ON, allowing you to transfer data.

Built for Convenience and Speed

  • Transfer Speed: 5 Gbps
  • USB: 3.0 (backwards compatible with 1.1 and 2.0 ports)
  • Hard Drive Capability: 3 hard drive ports
  • Compatible with both solid-state drives (SSD) and hard drive discs (HDD)
  • Supported interfaces: IDE and SATA, either 2.5” or 3.5”
  • Hot-swap supported
  • ON/OFF switch for HDD protection
  • Cord Length: 1 Meter (39 inches)

“I’m amazed at what Zilkee™ can do!”

With three simultaneously accessible ports, Zilkee™ lets you safely retrieve files three times faster with zero down time.

Securely Access Files And Take Only What You Need

The Zilkee™ partitions data while you’re accessing your old hard drive and only copies out what you decide. Drag and drop the files with ease and even use the Zilkee™ as an external hard drive for transportation to a different computer.

Compact, portable and reliable

Measuring only 2” by 5” in size, The Zilkee™ Ultra Recovery Converter can go where you go. It’s lightweight and packable, and can start accessing files the second it’s plugged in.

For your Zilkee™ to work…

• Your hard drive must not be broken or damaged 
• Your hard drive must have IDE or SATA connectivity (does not work for SCSI, SAS, or Fibre Channel)
• Must have 2.5” or 3.5” connection ports

Like a “Get Out Of Jail Free” Card For Your Lost Files

Liberate your files of every type from their digital prison and enjoy them like they never left.

What Our Customers Say

I had an old computer that didn't display anything. It might've been a faulty video card, but I wanted to access the data on my old SATA drives. Using this device, I was able to disconnect my drives and link them to my new computer. I successfully retrieved my music and photos. I highly recommend it.

Austin M.

Verified buyer

I was devastated when my external hard drive suddenly stopped working, leaving my precious media collection seemingly lost forever. A close friend suggested checking out for an adapter that could potentially help me retrieve my content. Following their advice, I simply opened the malfunctioning hard drive, connected its board to the adapter, and astonishingly, I was able to effortlessly transfer all my files onto my computer. This turned out to be the most worthwhile investment I've ever made!

Jacob C.

Verified buyer

I saw this in a random Facebook ad the other day, and after reading a bunch of reviews, I decided to give it a try. Getting back any of the many photo albums I lost when an external hard drive suddenly stopped working about 10 years ago would be like magic. Even though lots of people said good things about it, I wasn't sure if it would work, but I thought I'd give it a chance. It just arrived a couple of hours ago, and after watching a short tutorial video, I turned it on. Almost right away, I could see many albums that I thought I'd never see again. This little gadget is definitely worth the money. I'd even say it's a great deal at twice the price.

Sara W.

Verified buyer

Fourteen years ago, my computer's storage broke. It had important stuff on it. I asked computer helpers to fix it, but they couldn't. Instead of throwing it away, I put it in my safe box. Last year, I found a new tool that might help, this Zilkee device. I thought, "Let's try it!" When I used it, I was surprised! It worked! I got back my important stuff and some photos I forgot about. Those photos made me very happy. This tool is awesome!

Jasmine C.

-Verified buyer

I had some old family pictures on an old IBM laptop that used Windows 98. When I tried to turn it on, the CD drive and USB didn't work because the system was broken. So, I took out the laptop's hard drive and used a Zilkee adapter to connect it to my new Windows 10 computer. The computer saw the drive right away. Before I moved my files, I made sure to get rid of a computer virus on the drive. I was able to move almost 20 Gb of files pretty quickly. This Zilkee thing is small, strong, and worked great to help me get my files back.

Rebecca M.

-Verified buyer

My computer broke and another brand didn't work for me. I bought this, connected my hard drive, and it said it needed fixing. It fixed the disk and I got all my files back. I also cleaned up three old drives and now use them as backups. This product is awesome. Super easy to use! 👍

Elizabeth B.

-Verified buyer

Frequently Asked Questions

Backed By The Most Generous Guarantee In The Industry

Even if the computer your hard drive is housed in is ancient, broken, or password-protected, the Zilkee™ Ultra Recovery Converter can retrieve your files – GUARANTEED.

Our world-class support team is standing by to help you with any hiccups to ensure Zilkee™ works just as well as you’re hoping it does. And if you can’t immediately and fully get the help you need, just let us know within 30 days and get a 100% refund, no questions asked.

2500+ Reviews

Access your old hard drive, circumvent forgotten passwords, and free your files fast.

Don’t let your files stay trapped and unusable for another day. Your files are waiting for you—go get them!

Dreak R.

 Verified buyer

The ZILKEE™ Ultra Recovery Converter is an impressive hard drive tool that efficiently recovers lost or inaccessible data. I love it!